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The selection of the best chamber for your patients and your hospital is step #1 and the most important decision you will make. VHS will provide you with insight and comparisons which are not readily available from small animal or human chamber manufacturers, or marketing representatives. Our goal is to hook you up with a chamber that is not only safe and effective, but provides you with the optimal bottom line. We will discuss the actual costs of obtaining and operating the various types of chambers available today both new and used.

For example, this acrylic chamber allows full view inside to the patients, and the patients can see out.  There is one cat with chronic stomatitis and a post-op dachshund “Back” case in the chamber here, with room for one more module.  The modules have 100% cotton “blockers” in between so the patients do not maintain eye contact with each other.  A standard feature of this particular chamber is a microphone which allows you to hear and speak to the patient(s) during treatment sessions.  This is very useful for anxious or misbehaving patients.  This chamber also has an oxygen sensor which can be seen during treatment sessions.  It is important to run the flow of oxygen at 96% or higher.

Most patients quickly become acclimated to the chamber, and often sleep during a session as you see here.

Cat & Dog in Chamber Together


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