• VHS will consult with you, your hospital administrator, staff, and contractor(s) on chamber selection, placement location, and oxygen supply options to best suit your hospital.

• VHS will provide vital, small-animal safety accessories and treatment modules that are not supplied when you purchase or obtain a new or used chamber.

• VHS will visit your hospital at the onset of chamber operations to provide hands-on training to your doctors and staff. Safe and effective HBOT in small animals differs significantly from that in large animals or humans. VHS understands this difference. We will be there as you begin your initial treatment sessions (with patients) to ensure confident understanding in the safety and uses of your chamber by your hospital staff.

• During this “kick-off” visit VHS will provide a lecture to your doctors and staff on the principles and uses of HBOT. In addition VHS will present a lecture/seminar to regional primary care veterinarians (organized by your hospital) to announce that your chamber is operational, and educate them on the uses of the chamber in order to encourage referrals. Folders with information and a marketing CD customized with your hospital information, are provided for distribution to the potential referring veterinarians invited to the seminar. (The venue and dinner/refreshments for this seminar are to be provided by your hospital).

• Over the last decade we have discovered the single most effective marketing method to generate referrals is a “Personal Visit” to primary care veterinarians. VHS will accompany you and one of your doctors/referral coordinators on a personal visit (scheduled by you), at the practice of a potential referring veterinarian. VHS provides customized marketing materials with your hospital’s logo and information to facilitate the understanding of case types, which could benefit by referral for HBOT. This visit will serve as a marketing demonstration for you and your business development team.

• Initial training is vital however, experience has clearly demonstrated that an on-going Safety & Training program is necessary to ensure safety protocols are maintained, and continually remind your existing and newly arriving doctors of the case types which may benefit from adjuvant HBOT. It has taken VHS years to develop its on-going weekly and monthly safety programs to include a wide variety of practical, clinical and real life situations to ensure the safe and effective use of the chamber. Our on-going weekly and monthly HBOT programs commence at the initial “kick-off” visit, continue for one calendar year and are renewable. Our programs are designed to result in open dialogue between your doctors, your staff and the VHS team. Dr. Lyman and Kip Lyman are available throughout the contract year to discuss individual cases, potential cases or questions with your doctors and staff.

• VHS would be available for future re-visits to your hospital to continue in-house training or give lectures/seminars to groups of veterinarians or associations in your region for a fee on a per-time basis.

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